TOP 15 Best Smoke Tricks of All Time

TOP 15 Best Smoke Tricks of All Time
TOP 15 Best Smoke Tricks of All Time

The art of smoke tricks enables you to unleash your inner magician and create mesmerizing illusions with nothing more than smoke and finesse. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or simply aiming to impress your friends, mastering the best smoke tricks will undoubtedly leave everyone in awe. In this blog post, we will explore the captivating world of smoke tricks in English.

1. The Art of Vape Tricks

When it comes to smoke tricks, vape enthusiasts have taken it to a whole new level. The mesmerizing patterns and shapes created with vapor have become an art form in itself, Let’s explore some of the best smoke tricks.

1.1 Blowing Perfect Smoke Rings

 Blowing Perfect Smoke Rings
Blowing Perfect Smoke Rings

Blowing smoke rings is a classic vape trick loved by beginners and experts alike. To achieve the perfect smoke ring, form your lips into an ‘O’ shape and gently push a burst of vapor from your mouth using a short exhale. Practice is key here, as you need to find the right balance between how much air you exhale and the speed at which you do it.

1.2 French Inhale Technique

French Inhale Technique
French Inhale Technique

The French inhale technique, also known as the “reversed waterfall,” is an elegant smoke trick that will leave your friends in awe. To perform this trick, take a deep drag and let the vapor settle in your mouth. Slowly open your mouth while inhaling through your nose, allowing the vapor to flow upwards. This creates a captivating visual effect as the vapor cascades upwards and around your face.

1.3 The Jellyfish Effect

The Jellyfish Effect smoke tricks
The Jellyfish Effect

Prepare to amaze your friends with the jaw-dropping Jellyfish effect. Blow a large vapour cloud, then gently tap or push the side of the cloud to create a disturbance. Finally, use a sharp exhale to blow a smaller vapour ring through the middle of the cloud. This results in the ring travelling through the cloud, resembling a floating jellyfish. It takes practice, but once mastered, it is truly a sight to behold.

2. Mastering Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are a staple in the world of smoke tricks. Learning how to blow impressive smoke rings will level up your vaping game.

2.1 Basic O’s with the Mouth

Blowing basic smoke rings, also known as ‘O’s, is the foundation for many other smoke tricks. To create an O, take a deep drag and hold the vapour in your mouth without inhaling. Form your lips into a tight ‘O’ shape and gently push out a burst of vapour using your throat muscles. Practice this technique to perfect the size and shape of your smoke rings.

2.2 Different Techniques Smoke Ring Creation

Once you have mastered basic O’s, it’s time to explore different techniques for creating smoke rings. Try coughing slightly while pushing out vapour to create larger rings. Alternatively, experiment with tongue movements to make the rings spin or travel in different directions. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and find your style.

2.3 Impressive Tricks with Double Smoke Rings

Double Smoke Rings
Double Smoke Rings

Take your smoke rings to the next level by mastering the art of double smoke rings. This involves blowing two smoke rings simultaneously. To achieve this, create a small and a larger ‘O’ shape with your mouth. Push out the smaller ring first, followed by the larger one. You can learn to control the distance between the rings and create visually stunning effects with practice Read more…..

3. Advanced Smoke Shapes

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s venture into more advanced smoke shapes that will leave everyone amazed.

The Dragon Exhale smoke tricks
The Dragon Exhale

3.1 The Dragon Exhale

Unleash your inner dragon with the mesmerizing Dragon Exhale technique. Take a deep drag and hold the vapour in your mouth. Then, release the vapour with force while slightly opening your mouth, allowing the vapour to escape in a powerful burst. As the vapour spreads out, curl your lips inward to form a dragon-like shape. This trick requires both strength and precision to achieve the desired effect.

3.2 Splitting Smoke Clouds

Imagine splitting a thick cloud of smoke into two separate entities. With practice, you can make it a reality. Blow a large vapour cloud and position your hand or an object in the middle of the cloud. Push the vapour from one side of the object to create a split effect. This trick requires finesse and timing to achieve a clean separation.

3.3 Bending Smoke with Hand Techniques

Bending smoke is a visually striking trick that involves shaping and manipulating the smoke with your hands. By placing your hand close to the vapor, you can guide and shape it in various ways. Experiment with hand movements, like bending your fingers or creating waves, to achieve interesting and mesmerizing smoke patterns.

4. Creating Smoke Patterns

If you’re looking for smoke tricks that go beyond the traditional shapes, creating smoke patterns is the way to go.

Ghost Inhale Technique
Ghost Inhale Technique

4.1 The Ghost Inhale Technique

The Ghost Inhale technique creates an ethereal and elusive effect, as if the vapor disappears and reappears at will. Take a long and slow drag, allowing the vapor to settle in your mouth. Then, push a small amount of vapor out of your mouth without exhaling it fully. Quickly inhale the vapor back in, creating the illusion of a disappearing cloud.

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4.2 Triangles and Hexagons with Smoke

Take geometric shapes to the next level with smoke. Use your hands or objects to guide the vapor and shape it into triangles or hexagons. By positioning your hands strategically, you can manipulate the vapor to form intricate and impressive shapes. This trick requires patience and practice, but the end result is truly captivating.

4.3 Spiral Shapes and Beyond

Unleash your creativity and experiment with creating spiral shapes and other unique patterns with smoke. Twisting your hands or moving objects in circular motions can help you achieve mesmerizing spirals. Feel free to explore different shapes and patterns to find what captivates you the most. The possibilities are endless.

Smoke Tricks with Hookah

5. Smoke Tricks with Hookah

Hookah offers a unique smoking experience and opens up a whole new world of smoke tricks. Here are some tricks that work particularly well with hookah smoke.

5.1 Blowing O’s with Hookah Smoke

The classic O’s smoke trick can be taken to a new level with hookah smoke. Take a long drag from the hookah pipe and hold the smoke in your mouth. Form your lips into an ‘O’ shape and gently push out the smoke using your throat muscles. Practice this technique to create dense and full-bodied O’s with hookah smoke.

5.2 Smoke Bending with Hookah

Similar to bending smoke with hand techniques, you can manipulate hookah smoke with your hands to create unique shapes and patterns. Use your hands to guide the smoke, experimenting with different movements and positions to achieve mesmerizing effects. This can be a delightful and immersive experience when enjoying hookah with friends.

5.3 Layering Techniques with Hookah Tricks

Layering smoke tricks is a great way to build complexity and surprise your audience. Combine various hookah smoke tricks, such as blowing O’s and bending smoke, to create layered and visually stunning performances. With practice, you can seamlessly transition between different tricks, leaving everyone in awe of your hookah skills.


Smoke tricks are a captivating art form that requires skill, precision, and creativity. By mastering these mesmerizing techniques, you can impress your friends, become the life of the party, or simply enjoy the artistry and satisfaction of creating captivating illusions with smoke. The world of smoke tricks offers endless possibilities for exploration and mastery, from the classic ghost inhale to the awe-inspiring atomic bomb. Remember to practice regularly, experiment with different techniques, and prioritize safety. So, unleash your inner magician and let your smoke tricks leave everyone spellbound.

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